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I used to chuckle at Cap’s intro’s to the documents he’d post to Shadowland. “Oh Christ, Cap, not again.” I always thought they were cheesey, and told him as much when I’d talk to him.

Now lookit me; writing the cheesey introduction to a series of documents. Irony.


Welcome to Denver, the Treaty City. Where everyone has an angle and everyone wants a piece of what the other’s got. Nice place, neh? Real pot brewer, Denver. And, did you hear ’bout our dragon?

Ghostwalker’s been running this town since about the Year of the Comet, ten years ago or so, and there are still some people who ain’t gettin’ with the program. They like to hide in the cracks and shadows of Denver, plotting and scheming to get rid of our big, white buddy. Unfortunately, very often they drag the rest of us into the mess and, well, y’know how that often works out.

Well, the wyrm ain’t no dummy, and he’s pretty well aware of these very same folks. He also knows that you gotta do something about a small problem before it becomes a big one.

So comes the Spooks – Ghostwalker’s personal “freelance troubleshooters”. Only none of us are supposed to know about them; we’re supposed to think that the ZDF does their job well enough we don’t need ’em. Feh; right. Not much was known about the Spooks since their creation a few years back – til about six hours ago.

Six hours ago was when a series of documents showed up in one of our dropboxes with a note: “for you, from me.” Nice n’ vague; just the way we here like it.

Seems Ghostwalker’s got a leak in his airtight boat, and that leak’s given those of us out in the shadows all sorts of interesting information ’bout ’em. Names, faces, cases, enemies, allies – you could be one, and not even know!

The following documents have been cracked open (and that was a job; they left all of the encryption and protection in there), shuffled, re-sorted, and cross-indexed by our very own Idjit, who even left it all nice and open for ya’ll to comment on. Why spit at a Cap tradition, right?

Might wanna throw Idjit a tip, y’know?

The real meat on these bones are the reports. Full on after action reports, written by the Spooks that experienced them. After that come the personnel documents, a who’s who of works for Big, White, and Scaly, and a quick read of their safehouses and such. There’s even a little history, for those of you into that sort of thing. Which, and say it with me partner, if you don’t read, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

And to further show how wiz she is, Idjit’s also started pulling sources on some of the names mentioned in the “Ghost Stories” documents and indexin’ ‘em for ya’ll, in case you need a memory jog.

Without further ado, I give you the links. Because you’re bored of reading, I know.

>>Ghost Stories<<

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