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Name: Perianwyr
Alias: “Peri”
Age: Indeterminate
Sex: Male
Metatype: Dragon
Nationality: Unknown
Known Affiliation(s): Weekday Eclipse

Appearance: In dragon form, Peri is an impressive western dragon, with black scales and neon blue highlights.

In his human form, Peri takes the form of a white male in his late twenties to early thirties, with shortcut hair and a pair of black eyeglasses. He dresses fashionably, but isn’t a much of a clothes horse; his clothing tends towards simple, casual, and easy to interchange.

Background: It is unknown where Perianwyr comes from or when he came to Denver. What is known is that he’s the owner of the Weekday Eclipse, one of Denver’s hottest night spots, which brings in the newest and hottest in musical acts every night of the week.

Peri’s ability to find and cultivate new talent is astonishing, as though he has a second sense about who will go on to be the next big thing.

He keeps his hand in the pot, of course; what “scout” doesn’t?

Abilities: Aside from his inborn magical talent and dragon abilities, Peri is a charismatic fellow and finds entering and participating in new social groups a sort of game. He slides in and out so easily, you think he was almost making people like him.


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