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Name: Nabo
Alias: None
Age: Late teens
Sex: Male
Metatype: Ork
Nationality: Latino
Known Affiliation(s):

Appearance: A young up and coming Orxploitation artist from the streets of Denver, Nabo dresses in what’s considered chic for an ork his age. However, it would seem that he is still figuring out exactly what that style should be.

His brash personality and stick-it-to-the-man attitude may get him far with his fans, but before long his corporate sponsors will yank his chain back and get him in line with the program. Before that though, Nabo is confident to the point of arrogant, yet fiercely defends the very people he came from.

Background: Nabo was born on the streets of Denver, the eight child of a litter of nine. He was kicked out when he got old enough to survive on said streets, and stayed alive the way most ork street children did – stole, fought, and joined a gang.

Out of that gang would eventually form a small orxploitation group influenced by the surge of popularity in the mid-to-late-2060s. When they could, they toured; when they couldn’t tour, they stole and commited petty crimes.

Eventually word got out to one scout or another about the talented young ork artist, and he was quickly snapped up and an album – and single – released.

Nabo secured one tour in his hometown of Denver the night before he left for a world tour – and it was on that night that he was visited by members of the Spooks looking for information about the lost Jetblack demo. They met at a secure hotel after his performance, where Nabo was able to send them in the direction of Zipper, the dwarf hacker working for Kerwin Loomis.

Currently, Nabo is touring the European Union.

Abilities: Nabo is a talented orxsploitation artist, but not much else, really.


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