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Name: Daniel Athens
Alias: “Mr. Clever”
Age: Mid-20s
Sex: Male
Metatype: Human / Drake
Nationality: Denver
Known Affiliation(s): Ghostwalker, the Gentlemen

Appearance: Mr. Clever is a roguish looking young man who likes to dress nice and talk to pretty ladies. He’s got a perpetually confident smile plastered on his face, and he always seems to wink – and mean it. When it comes to force of personality, that’s Daniel; you’ll know him as soon as he walks into a room.

Background: Daniel was always something of a social butterfly, someone everyone could talk to and seemed to know. With his perpetual smile and his willingness to try anything at least once, near everyone felt comfortable being around him. Life seemed to go well for the young man, and his thoughts upon entering college weren’t what his major was going to be; it was how many chicks he’d be able to land.

And then the double blow of Haley’s Comet and Ghostwalker hit him. After spending several days within the hospital due to severe pain and strange hallucinations, Daniel switched on the trid during one of his lucid periods and saw Ghostwalker’s arrival to the city of Denver. The sight triggered his first transformation into a drake, and that’s when he knew what his purpose was.

As soon as he was out of the hospital, Daniel presented himself to Ghostwalker and informed him that he knew what his abilities meant. Ghostwalker, impressed by the man’s forwardness and his ability to charm everyone around him, quickly took him under his wing.

Abilities: Mr. Clever’s main talent lies in his ability to mingle and introduce himself into many different cultures, groups, and instantly be the center of attention. His contact list is nearly a mile long, and he knows and remembers each and every person he’s talked to, no matter what state he was at at the time.

His ace in the hole, however, is his drake abilities, which include both magical aptitude and the ability to shapechange into a smaller Western dragon. This is an ability he keeps tightly under wraps, however, and only uses when it is absolutely vital that he does.

Mr. Clever

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