Marli Bremerton

The strange woman in the quiet house...


Name: Marli Bremerton
Alias: None
Age: Early 40s
Sex: Female
Metatype: Human / Changeling
Nationality: UCAS
Known Affiliation(s): The Shadows, Jetblack

Appearance: Once one of the most beautiful women in show business, Haley’s Comet unfortunetly took all of that away when it struck and forced bony growths to emerge from under her skin. She’s still just as beautiful as she once was, but now in an unearthly sort of way.

Background: Marli Bremerton used to have it all as the high profile singer of the Shadows. On stage, Marli could command a crowd like no other; behind the scenes though, tension was thick and squabbling frequent. When the band broke up, she was preparing for a solo career that would bring her back to the heights of fame when the Comet passed by and everything changed.

Now a changeling inflicted with horrible pain that left it hard for her to walk, Marli locked herself in her home in a deep state of depression. Eventually her friend Jetblack would discover her condition, and encourage her to think outside of the box and find something that brought her joy.

That “joy” is Marli’s talent for rigging, second only to her business acumen. Using the funds still left over from her days as a novahot singer, Marli founded Bushido Security Providers and hired out as a security consultant. On the side, and with Jetblack’s continued encouragement, she has taken up singing again under the guise of a Japanese idoru.

Abilities: Marli used to have the most beautiful voice in the world. However, with time and disuse, she’s lost the knack she once had for it, though she’s working on regaining it.

Now, she’s one of the top riggers and security spider’s in the Denver area, and successfully manages the Bushido Security Provider company from her home.

Marli Bremerton

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