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Name: Loco
Alias: “Loco”
Age: Mid-40s
Sex: Male
Metatype: Human
Nationality: Native American, unknown tribe
Known Affiliation(s):

Appearance: Loco is a native american of unknown origin, tall and copper skinned, with straight black hair he wears down to his shoulders. His perpetual grin is what most people almost always say about him – like he knows something you don’t.

He does. Often. And the bastard makes you pay through the nose for it. It’s the way of Snake, or so he says.

Abilities: Loco is a shaman, following Snake. He’s most known for knowing things – things he shouldn’t know. Rumors state that he walks a divining path, others just say he’s a bit of a snoop and likes to just pick up random information as he goes.

Besides his information gathering skills (whether magical or otherwise), Loco likes to make quick work of things. He’s not much of a physical fighter, and when he casts, he casts to hurt, to bring a fight to an end as quickly as he can.

He can also run like no one’s business. Lost him when he stiffed me what I was looking for.

And now we know why Kate doesn’t like him.

Cram it.


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