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Name: Katie Langley
Alias: “Kaboom”
Age: Mid-20s
Sex: Female
Metatype: Human
Nationality: Caucasian / Pueblo Corporate Council
Known Affiliation(s): The Spooks, the Sensates, the Social Club

Appearance: The first thing most people notice when they meet Katie “Kaboom” is her continously upbeat, extroverted personality. If not, they notice her beauty; a daughter of mixed heritage, she maintains a Pueblo citizenship and is (relatively) active in her local politics. She dyes her hair white and wears contacts or glasses instead of opting for optical replacement.

Katie’s outgoing personality encourages her to go out and socialize at night. Easily the most active member of the Spooks outside the organization, Katie maintains ties with several youth oriented groups within the Treaty City. While she maintains a strict wardrobe while at work, she opts for whatever the latest fashion trend is where-ever she’s going.

Background: Katie’s parents split before she ever got to know her father, and she was raised by her mother to be a strong, independant woman. Katie’s intelligence impressed everyone that witnessed it; before she left high school, she already had offers from several corporations and government thinktanks.

However, Katie persisted in her own studies, attending the University of Denver and enrolling in the engineering program there. It was there that she earned her nickname, as well as Awakened; after a laboratory accident, she discovered that she was mana-capable. Quickly she switched her major from engineering to applied thaumaturgy, and exceled there.

It was through contacts at the college that Ghostwalker would learn of Katie’s talent and abilities. He scooped her up before anyone else could (including one extraction in the process of planning) and, after utilizing her as a consultant, installed her as the second-in-command of the Spooks.

Abilities: Katie is a magician of the Hermetic school, and has initiated more than a few times. Her skills lay in the application of direct spells, though she finds herself adept in summoning spirits as well. However, her true talent lies in instruction, guidance, and the social web she easily spins around herself.


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