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Name: Unknown
Alias: “Jetblack”
Age: Mid-20s (apparent), 50+ (actual)
Sex: Male
Metatype: Human / Vampire
Nationality: Caucasian / UCAS
Known Affiliation(s): Jetblack, The Shadows

Appearance: Tall, lithe, pale skinned male with jetblack hair, blue eyes. His youthfulness and paleness stems from his “condition”: an HMHVV-infected male vampire.

Background: Jetblack was one of the most glamorous stars of the late to early 2040s and 50s, surpassed only by Maria Mecurial. At the height of his career, however, he passed on, leaving fans (and his handlers) devastated.

However, it would appear that the legend yet still lives – like the grafitti says.

Abilities: Along with being a world class singer, songwriter, and musician, Jetblack enjoys all of the benefits of being an HMHVV-positive individual. His condition has also apparently Awakened him.


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