Iron Mike

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Name: Michael Ryder
Alias: “Iron Mike”
Age: Late 50s
Sex: Male
Metatype: Ork
Nationality: Caucasian / UCAS
Known Affiliation(s): None

Appearance: Michael is not a physically attractive man, even by ork standards. He takes very little care for his person, and has ravaged his body physically and mentally through over-eating, drug use, BTL use, and heavy alcohol consumption. He is also clinically depressed and only barely functional half of the time, due to either drugs, BTLs, or alcohol.

Background: Michael grew up in the UCAS sector of Denver, born as the city and the continent adjusted to the sweeping changes that the turning of the century, the return of magic, and the re-aligning of the political spectrum brought. All of that mattered little with Michael, who took to drugs and gangs instead of his studies and flunked out of school.

The only thing that Michael seemed to take to was the industrial arts. He’s a fine – if a little dodgy – auto mechanic, but it’s helped give him a job and some way to pay for the extensive drugs and other uppers and downers he takes. His contact sheet is half automotive based, and part drug dealers.

Abilities: As noted above, the extent of usefulness for “Iron Mike” is his questionable automotive skills and his contact lists.

Iron Mike

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