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Name: Urnst Suhrbier
Alias: “Heavy”
Age: Late thirties
Sex: Male
Metatype: Troll
Nationality: Allied German States / Black Forest Troll Kingdom
Known Affiliation(s): The Spooks, Black Forest Troll Kingdom

Appearance: A tall and imposing German troll with a brusque personality, Heavy carries a persona of toughness and confidence. His skin is a light blue to gree color, and his black hair is cut short in a severe crewecut. His face always seems to read annoyed or irritated, though occasionally he seems deep in thought.

Background: Heavy emigrated to Denver from the Troll Kingdom after a falling out with the royal family, of which he was a member of their honor guard. Though there has been heavy research into the subject, little has been found, just that it was considered very scandalous at the time.

When Heavy arrived in Denver, he took odd jobs here and there providing muscle or protection, and only sometimes worked in the Denver shadows. One of those jobs ended up being through Ghostwalker’s cultural proxy Mr. Lucky, who saw potential in the seasoned troll for the special project that Ghostwalker was preparing. After interviewing, Ghostwalker immediately installed the troll as the head of the Spooks organization, a job he has taken a special shine to.

Abilities: Though he doesn’t look it, Heavy is an exceptionally augmented troll. He bears several legal and many illegal enhancements to his body, including improved reflexes and strength, as well as onboard commlink capability and eyes. Apparently he was almost as strong pre-enhancement, from what reports have told.

Heavy prefers now to remain back in a tactical position, but relishes the opportunity to work the field. Though he can be subtle as needed, his preferred weapon is his prized warhammer, but it seems that any club is suitable in a pinch. He is also proficient in the use of most pistols and automatic weaponry.


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