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Name: Ghostwalker
Alias: “Mr. White”
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Metatype: Dragon, Western, Great
Nationality: Unknown
Known Affiliation(s): The Spooks, Great Dragons
Appearance: Tall, human Cacausian male with white hair (human); Western male dragon, pale scales with blue highlights (dragon)

Background: Ghostwalker emerged from the Dunkelzahn Rift nearly ten years ago and claimed Denver for his own, after a protracted two weeks of guerilla warfare around the city. In the aftermath of his “apology”, he removed Aztlan from the new Treaty of Denver and gave their sector to CAS authorities.

Ghostwalker’s primary interest seems to be Awakened in nature; since his arrival in Denver, spirit activity has jumped tenfold, and his fellow Awakened have emigrated to the city in droves.

His focus seems to be on magic, and the studies thereof; specifically, he seems acutely interested in spirits and spirit summoning. His other interest is in the seemingly alien and different nature in which humanity interacts with mana and magical creatures.

In interactions with him, Ghostwalker presents a strongly focused and dedicated mind, which intently studies and questions. He can come across as relatively naive to the world around him, but is as quick a study to that as he is magical manners.

Ghostwalker displays hostility towards Aztlan, and is quick to root out Aztlan influence when its discovered. The source of their “disagreement” remain beyond current knowledge, but at least some part of it is due to Ghostwalker removing Aztlan from the Denver Treaty.

“Mr. White” is his alias within the shadow community, though his proxy Daniel “Mr. Lucky” Athens manages most of his shadow activity. Under this name, he owns the Number 9 club in downtown Denver.

Abilities: Ghostwalker is a powerful creature, as all Great Dragons are. His strength – both in the physical and magical realms, is immense, and he’s a powerful summoner. Stripped of all other resources, he has shown considerable talent in anchoring magical protections around himself, and quite capable in hand to claw combat.


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