Ghost Stories

Log 2.0 - Acceptance
Orksplotation a genre. Apparently.

Finding a note on our dorm room doors, Tesla, Bridgette and I convened in a classroom. Inside we met Katie “Kaboom” Cunningham, a superior of ours. She brought the news that we’d be moving into the Mary Sprig house as full fledged Spooks. As we entered our new home we were met by Wooster, a butler/free spirit and find that the home is indeed, haunted. Kaboom left us to settle in but instructed that she would return later with a project.

That evening the three of us were taken into downtown Denver with Kaboom. As we exited the car, we found ourselves at The Weekday Eclipse, one of the more popular clubs in town from my interactions with it. Inside Kaboom leads us to a room where we were introduced to two men, Mr. Clever and Perianwyr. Perianwyr dominated the conversation with discussion of something by the name of Orksplotation. Irrelevant if you ask me.

A short while later Kaboom retrieved us and delivered us to our Johnson who was in a nearby room. Our Johnson, a well dressed troll, informs us he’s looking for a very rare optical disk which has recently come on the market and was unknown before this time. Ambiguous at best, as all jobs are.

As we made our way home that night, an explosion rocked our car and outside we found Da Squids, once again, fighting with a group we would come to learn was The Harlequins. Acting, once again, out of our better judgement (It was late and this gang is really becoming something of a bother) we drove our car through the crowd and went home.

Kaboom put us in touch with Bug, who did a little digging around for us while we slept that night. In the morning we had a name. Nobu. An Orksplotation artist. Perhaps I should have paid more attention the night prior He was currently in town. Bug was able to pull his hotel information and we made our way there.

Nobu was asleep when we arrived but was willing to chat with us after a bit of prodding. He handed over a comm that had contact info for the person who had initially contacted him with the offer. Feeling confident with this we left him to get back to sleep.

Back home we contacted Bug (Who was dressed as Batman, is this normal?), who opened the comm for us. Inside we found messages concerning it to an indiscriminate person but connections to a hacker club and a person named Zipper.

Deciding the best course of action would be direct we headed to the hacker club ourselves. Inside was exactly as you’d imagine, dark, dank, disgusting. Bridgette approached someone and inquired about someone named Zipper. Before her statement was even finished a female dwarf jumped up and tried to run out of the club. Bridgette wasn’t letting anyone leave though, and zipped her up quickly.

Log 1.0 - Trip into the Z-Zone
Brass knuckles are more valuable than you might imagine.

Upon our first meeting it was clear that my new partners, Tesla and Bridgette, and I were being tested. Our first mission? Escape the Z-Zone without further assistance. Placed on a rooftop in an indiscriminate sector, the three of us were left to our task.

Two plans of thought were quickly developed, Tesla, felt entering the building was the clearest way to descend. Bridgette and I felt the fire escape would be the most effective and quickest way off of the roof. Still unsure of our new partner, Bridgette and I decided to take the fire escape while Tesla moved through the interior of the building.

As we neared the bottom of the fire escape we saw a group we’d come to find out were a gang that went by the name “Da Squids”. After eliminating them an obstacle we found it a surprise that they survived in the Z-Zone before we came into interaction with them.

Obstacles out of the way we began our trek on foot through the Z-Zone. A short way through our walk we encountered a small Ork boy we’d come to know as Tucky. Tucky was nearly an orphan, the only family he had was a sister who was involved enough in gang activities that Tucky didn’t receive much in the way of parenting from her. He aspired to be a runner one day and his enthusiasm intrigued us and his knowledge of the area was helpful in putting us in the direction of a vehicle.

Iron Mike’s was the best place Tucky knew to send us in search of a vehicle. In a building that could best be described as a garage of some sort, we found the grizzled Ork known as Iron Mike. Knowing we needed a vehicle, we forged a deal with him to take out a rival garage owner. He required collateral for use of the car. The only collateral any of the three of us were willing to part with was my rosary. It was a fair trade though, because we were also able to get our hands on his brass knuckles that were emblazoned with his name as a bit of my own collateral. A fitting souvenir.

Car in hand, as well as Tucky in the car, we head straight out of the Z-Zone. It might not have been the most noble of decisions, but, it was the choice we made and we’ll have to live with it. I’ll make sure to do something nice for Iron Mike at some point in time.

On our way back to the University of Denver we came upon a group of motorcycles and more “Da Squids” members assaulting someone. With the issue of them being directly in our path and our previous interaction the only option was eliminating them. Deciding that it was best to interrogate at least one, we returned the final “Da Squid” as well as their target to Heavy upon our return as well as Tucky, finding him to be an asset, even as a child.

Log 3.0 - OD-ing
Vampires can still rock.
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