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Ghost Stories is a Shadowrun, 4th Edition (Anniversary) game set in the city of Denver in the year 2071. It started out in September 2071; this is important as we move forward, so remember that date.

Denver in the year 2071 has been ruled by the Great Dragon Ghostwalker for nearing ten years, since arriving during the so-called Year of the Comet. Denver had originally been called the “Treaty City”, because of its history (it was where the historic treaty signed between the Native American Nations and the old United States of America took place) and where it exists – smack dab in the middle of the patchwork quilt that is now North America.

Once you’ve clicked “Log In” down below, you will be immersed in the Shadowrun world. All information presented is presented as if you are on the Matrix (the name for Shadowrun’s internet), reading a series of documents leaked from Ghostwalker’s secret “troubleshooters”. You will see other people commenting, raising questions, answering questions, and generally being snarky folks. It’s a tradition in Shadowrun, and damn it, I should hold to it (and, thus, keep my players on their toes).

The other links below Log In are strictly out of character and are resources for both players and readers; nice things like links to background for those unfamiliar with the Sixth World (the Shadowrun campaign setting) or Denver, or details on the who’s who of the folks commenting on the documents. Not all of them, of course; there should be some surprises, after all.

So go on and read and enjoy; at least I hope you do :)

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